C.I.B JEUW-2013 DK V-13 NO V-13 NORD UCH

Red Wire Key To Success         SE 42141/2012

S29909/2008 C.I.B DK UCH GB CH NO UCH NO V-10 SE UCH Merrymac Efficient Dynamics S42434/2005 FI UCH INT UCH JEUW-06 JWW-06 NORD UCH SE V-06 Merrymac Show Stopper AKCRM33881801 US CH Kells Aaron Shirlow
S39072/2000 INT UCH NORD UCH SE V-01 VWW-08 WW-02 WW-06 Merrymac X-Pected Winner
S47477/2004 DK UCH FI UCH INT UCH NO UCH SE UCH Merrymac Passion Play S39063/2000 INT UCH NORD UCH NORD V-03 SE V-02 SE V-03 WW-03 Merrymac X-Tra Special Edition
S20547/2002 SE UCH Fairplay Merrymac Chili Pepper
S64056/2008 C.I.B NORD UCH Red Wire Electra AKCRN01478002 US CH Gloccomara Polemicist AKCRM19578601 US CH Gloccomara Star Voyager
AKCRM34474001 US CH Gloccomara The Way I Am
S52028/2003 INT UCH KBH V-06 NO V-05 NORD UCH PL CH WW-06 Majomas Black Magic Woman S19702/2001 SE UCH Merrymac You Got What It Takes
S28537/98 SE UCH Majomas Every Breath You Take


Red Wire Key To Success - Keegan - JEUW-13, Swiss JuniorChampion. Första irländaren som blir Dtk JuniorChampion. BIG placeringar i Danmark och Norge. DKV-13, DKKV-13, NV-13. Champion i Sverige, Norge och Danmark. Blev C.I.B på DKK i Fredericia 7/2 2015. Domare Jasna Matejcic gav honom följande kritik: Excellent type, size and proportions, excellent head and expression, excellent earset and carrige, well set neck into nice shoulder, excellent chest, strong topline, excellent tailset and carrige. He deserves his Champion title.